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10 Best Nova Scotia Hikes

10 Best Nova Scotia Hikes

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10. Blue Falls | Middleton, NS

This is one of my favourite photoshoot location. It's private and an easier hike to get to. Plus you can get right underneath the waterfall without much trouble. 

9. Little Meander Falls | Windsor, NS

Apparently, there is an ATV trail you can use to access the falls but we always end up taking the more direct route and simply follow the stream. There is a nice little pool where you can take a dip and tons of curious little fish will come up to nibble your toes. 

8. Thomas Cove Trail | Parrsboro, NS

Another easy, private trail. The views of all the red rocks were pretty fantastic and Journey loved running around to explore them. When we went, soon as we got out of the car it started to downpour on us. We decided to wait it out in the car and try again, and I am super happy that we did. 

7. Weir Brook Falls | Newport Corner, NS

A short hike and steep rope climb. Another great private place to hang out for a while. On the other side of the waterfall there is a hill you can climb and a trail to the left you can follow that goes along the river. 

6. West Moose River Falls | Parrsboro, NS

Last year, Ryan and I went on a short camping trip near Parrsboro. We went on a waterfall hunt and found this one. The trail is pretty steep so coming back was tougher (especially pregnant!) but it was well worth it. 

5. Franey Mountain | Cape Breton

This was the best hike from our trip to Cape Breton (Acadian Trail is another fun one to check out!). It's very steep but they have a well-maintained trail with stairs to help you climb it. Plus, the view from the top is breathtaking! It was our last day in Cape Breton and my camera battery had totally died on me so I only got cell photos. I can't wait to go back to truly capture it!

4. Haunted Falls | Baxter's Harbour, NS

A short hike with a little rope climb to get to the bottom of the falls. When the tide is out you can venture to the shore and explore some sea caves. 

3. St. Croix Cove Falls | Bridgetown, NS

Another easy hike but when you get to the falls it feels as though you are in a whole other world. You can also follow along the river to find the shore and an old fishing cabin. This is the hike we probably visit the most!

2. Gaff Point | Riverport, NS

Well known for it's "secret beach", throughout the entire trail you see some pretty amazing views of the ocean. Once you're finished, you can even take some time to relax on Hirtle's Beach before you head back home.

1. Amethyst Cove

The highlight of this trail is, of course, the 500ft rope climb to get to the shore. Once down there you will be in awe of the cliffs and all the beautiful stones. This makes a great day trip but be mindful of the tide times. You really wouldn't want to get stranded! A rope climb, waterfall, and the litter-free beach make this my favourite place to get some exercise. 

Well, there you have it! Top 10 Nova Scotia hikes.. so far! I am always so impressed with what our little province has to offer. 

What are your favourite hikes in NS?? We would love to check them out so go ahead and leave your suggestions in the comments! :)

- Bee

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