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Time for a Lifestyle Change

Time for a Lifestyle Change

As most of you already know, I am a photographer. I have a website and a blog already. Being a site based on my photography, I have found myself holding back and not posting things because I want to keep it professional and focused on my images. 
I have decided to start a more personal blog where I can vent, share favourites, mom life trial and errors and anything else that I feel like posting! 

So to begin, my first post will be something that I have already posted on my photography pages. But here it is as kind of the beginning of everything. 

M i n i m a l i s t . 

I have heard this word plenty of time in the past few years and never had a second thought about it. Until now. 

Since having my daughter, Sawyer, in October, I have been taking a serious look at my life (and the world) and thinking about how I want her to be raised. How I want to see the world and my hopes for her as she grows up. 
I have always searched for little ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I'd start out strong but then dwindle off and get lazy. The convenience of everything makes it so easy to just not care.

Now that she's born, I have a way to start fresh. To teach her the eco ways and make that her "normal". Make it "normal" for her to only use reusable bags, not plastic. Make it "normal" for her to recycle the proper items. Make it "normal" for her to not buy and buy and buy everything, and be just another clueless consumer. I want it to be "normal" for her to think about how certain things are going to effect the environment and to really think if her purchases are necessary. I want for her to invest in experiences, not things. 

I started investing in more reusable bags. I take notice of the things I throw away. I think about all the crap I purchase. I look in my cupboards and finally realize just how much packaging and plastic we use and all of that is just going to end up in a landfill somewhere. It makes me feel like a horrible person and I do not want that for my daughter. I realize that as much as I would love to be a "zero waste" household, that for us (at least at this point in our lives) just isn't possible. BUT I can seriously diminish our impact. 

In a future post I will talk a little more about things I hope to change around the house. For now, I am going to talk about the last couple of days. 
Over the previous weekend, I was researching and planning my next steps.

Step 1: De-cluttering.

And here is where the "minimalist" lifestyle comes into play. I have started going through all my things, room by room, and getting rid of anything I haven't used in the last year. Let me tell you.. that is A LOT of stuff. 
I have cleaned out purses, closets, junk drawers, the kitchen (who needs THAT many glasses?!). 
Now let me tell you, every so often (usually twice a year) I go through all my things and downsize anyways. Before this whole idea of minimalism became a serious thing in my life. I would get rid of tons of things and then a couple months later there would be no more space in my closet yet again.

This time is different. 

I will not be buying things just because we have the space. I don't need more then I what I currently have. I have already given a few of my reasons for adapting this lifestyle but let me give you a couple more. 

1. To change my spending habits. 
No longer will I buy things just because I have the space and I will think more seriously about my purchases. If it weren't for my crazy spending habits then maybe we would have the big ticket items we truly need. I would have saved up that money instead and we could be down south in warm weather! Car, couch, washer, computer, camera lens. 
We could've had all these things by now, but no, I decided clothes or toys were more important. 

2. Spend more time on experiences. 
Things tend to pile up in certain areas of our house and then it takes all day to organize. The less things we own, the less time that is going to be wasted cleaning. The less time being spent cleaning, the more time we get to spend with Sawyer. The more time we get to spend making memories. Don't get me wrong, I actually like organizing but I would much rather spend the day at the beach with my family. I won't have to worry about rushing around to clean while she naps and then feel like I never get time to relax. I may actually get to start reading and working out consistently again!

3. Live an eco-friendly life. 
The less things we purchase, the less we throw out. Easy peasy. 

The part of de-cluttering that is going to take me the longest - technology. My social media accounts, the crap on my phone, the random junk stored on my computer, the spam emails I constantly have to delete.  Ugh. 
But all in all, I am so happy with how much I've gotten done! :) 

- Bee

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