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15 Easy Ways to Save the Planet

15 Easy Ways to Save the Planet


Here I have put together a few simple ways to start saving the planet this Earth Day. We only have one planet and we need to start taking better care of it for the future generations.

They deserve better!

  1. Switch to LED light bulbs
  2. Turn off your computer at night
  3. Reuse, Repurpose and then Recycle
  4. Go Vegan (or vegetarian if you can't commit totally)
  5. Go paperless in the kitchen (unpaper towels and handkerchiefs)
  6. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Rely on natural light as much as you can.
  7. Take shorter showers 
  8. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products or DIY cleaners
  9. Clean the coils behind your fridge 
  10. Say no to single-use plastics and buy reusables (water bottle, coffee cup, bags, stainless steel or glass straws, to go containers)
  11. Go for products in glass instead of plastic
  12. Switch to low flow shower head and taps
  13. Use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets
  14. Walk or bike when you can to get places
  15. When shopping; buy secondhand or make do with what you already own.

One of the biggest things I have learned about this journey to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is that we need to start being more conscious consumers and thinking about where we spend our money. Whether it's where our food comes from or where our clothes were made and what products are made of. 
Shopping cruelty-free and ethical brands is a great start. If you haven't already, check out The True Cost on Netflix. It's a very eye opening documentary about our fashion industries!

Do you have any favourite tips that help save the planet? Let me know in the comments!

- Bee

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