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Finding Ultra | Thoughts & Review


Finding Ultra is a true story about how Rich Roll went from overweight and unable to climb stairs without losing his breath to a major athlete. 
He starts living on a plant-based diet and trains incredibly hard every day. I found this book inspirational for fitness and getting off your ass. It really is a great motivator but that being said I also thought that he put a lot of promotion into the books. At times it seemed like he was doing a sales pitch for some of his own products and ones he has endorsed. 

The first part of the book is a back story. Mostly about his struggle with alcoholism and how he turned his life around. The second part is about his training for ultra man. He pushes himself beyond his limits and this was the part that was most motivating to me. The third part is more about his diet and his training for the EPIC5. 
Although I am a vegan for multiple reasons, I did like that he stuck with health reasons for becoming plant-based. I think the way he talks about it would be a way to educate people about some of the benefits and possibly change their way of thinking about diet.

I would like to point out in one chapter he talks a bit about breath. Breathing is such an important thing to try to focus on and I'm hoping to try to get into meditating once a day (but we will see how that goes).  He talks about the Yogi Kudu and how the 6-foot tall man folded himself into a tiny box. He used a special breathing technique to slow down his rate and the box was then submerged in water. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check out the video "here"!
If you can learn to control your breathing, you can learn to have full control over your body. It's a pretty amazing thing to think about and to see in action. 

At the back of the book, he goes into specifics about what he eats in a day and more about plant-based nutrition. I found this section really helpful especially where I am still a newbie to this whole vegan lifestyle. 

Overall, I would say it isn't a bad book. I did enjoy reading it but it wouldn't be one that I would pick up again to re-read. 

- Bee

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