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Reverse Bucket List

Reverse Bucket List

If you don't already know what a bucket list is, it is a list of goals and experiences you'd like to do. It's essentially an inspirational list of to-dos throughout your life. For example, mine is full of places I'd like to travel. A typical bucket list has a way of making me feel overwhelmed and kind of ashamed of all the things still on it that I have yet to accomplish. 
A reverse bucket list is where you write down all the things you have already accomplished, things that you are proud of. Pretty easy right?! 

Yeaahh, not so much. At least for me. 


It's much harder than I had thought. This requires a shift in your mindset. Instead of dreaming about what could happen, you need to reflect back on what has with gratitude. They don't have to major accomplishments either! 

You have to approach it from a gratitude perspective. Just because something wouldn't sound like a big deal to others, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be important to you. 
An exercise like this can cause a bit of nostalgia as well. According to The New York Times revisiting positive and meaningful experiences from the past can help counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety. 

If you're having a hard time coming up with ideas, take a look back through your social media pages. It may help jog your memory. Also, ask your friends and family members, they may remember something you pushed aside!

1. Got my belly button pierced. 
This was something I knew I wanted to get done when I was younger and it happened when I turned 16. 

2. Got a tattoo (or 13?) 
I haven't quite finished this one yet. ;)

3. Go to Yeah Field Trip & visit California
This was such an incredible experience. The best part was honestly all the inspirational people I met there. You can see more about that "here".

4. Become a mother
October 1st, 2017; the day our sweet little girl Sawyer entered the world.

5. Horseback riding
I grew up with horses so this is something I previously took for granted. Not everyone gets to experience working with these amazing animals. 

6. Hiked Cape Split and many others around the province. 
We try to get out and explore as much as we can. 

7. Camp in the Cape Breton Highlands (2016)
This was such a fun trip. Journey was only 5 months old and it was our first little trip away as a couple. 

8. Try veganism (2018)
And sticking to it!

9. Have my own business (
I've been taking a break from photography for a while now but I am so grateful for all it has taught me and all the people I have met because of it. 

10. Visit British Columbia (2007?)

11. Travelled on my own
My trip to California was solo!

12. Started a blog

13. Visited around 23 waterfalls in Nova Scotia


14. I've had the strength to walk away from toxic relationships
I continue to have the strength to cut out people and things that are toxic from my life. 

15. Fell in love & got engaged
I can't wait to marry this man!


One of the best things about reverse bucket lists is that it will continue to grow. I will keep having experiences I will be grateful for and it gives me a whole new appreciation of my life. 

What are some things on your reverse bucket list? 

- Bee

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