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We're Raising a Book Lover

We're Raising a Book Lover


Sawyer has been read to since the day she came home. We started this habit very early on. Ryan and I are both book lovers and really wanted our children to be as well. There is so much joy in reading and so much you can learn from books.
This seems to have worked because more often than not, books are the very first thing she goes for in her toy bins.

So while I’m working on getting supplies for some sweet crafts and activities I have planned..
I decided I would show you guys some of our favourite books!
These are ones that we read over and over and over again.
Some of them Sawyer picks out and the others are some that we really enjoy reading to her.

First up is a hand me down book that Sawyer received from a friend of mine. This book is Turn and Learn Colors. Seriously, it’s a favourite.
She will flip through the pages, naming all the colors and turning the wheel to match. She’s only 1.5 guys… so proud. The only one she doesn’t say is orange and sometimes we do argue about what is green and what’s purple.. BUT come on.. she’s doing pretty well.

This book has been a major source of entertainment for us. It’s typically the first book Sawyer goes for at her grandmother’s house and she can basically “read” through the whole thing. Mostly, it’s just animal sounds but she does also say the “no no you say” part. Which is so adorable!

Paw Patrol… that glows in the dark. Although she could care less about the glowing part. This one is also at her grandmothers and she really likes naming all the characters in the book. If you’re struggling with getting your kid to like reading.. you really can’t go wrong with Paw Patrol!
Raise your hand if you know all of the episodes off by heart….


This Dr. Seuss boxed set is one of the very first books I bought for Sawyer. She wasn’t even earthside yet and I had already started gathering her collection.
These are ones that she loves us to read. There are a few parts where she will read it back to us too. These poor books have been ripped apart, chewed and taped back together a few times now. I’m starting to think that a new set may be in order when we have another baby!


The Snail and the Whale is one that we have been reading to her at bedtimes. It has a really great message and is actually so fun to read. I’ve thought about taking it upstairs a few times but I really don’t want her to ruin this one haha.

During our bedtime ritual, I find that Sawyer really prefers the longer books. Anything too short, she will just get over really quickly and will keep pointing at other books until you eventually find a longer one to read to her.
Rosie Revere Engineer and Iggy Peck Architect were great Winner’s finds. I just need the last book: Ada Twist Scientist to finish the trilogy. I’m really excited to get the activity books that go along with this series as well!
(NOTE: Pre-order book four Sofia Valdez, Future Prez that comes out November 2019)

That’s it for now! Honestly books are my go-to present for children. They help her learn and grow, plus like I said already, they are Sawyer’s first go-to in the mornings. Let’s raise little readers!

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