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Why I Said "Yes!" to Babes In Business

Why I Said "Yes!" to Babes In Business

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I was one of those people who was always really skeptical of network marketing. Like most people, I have been pitched plenty of products and opportunities over the years.
I found it totally crazy that this business completely resonated with me.

So after having my daughter, I started feeling the pressure about getting my life together and finding a career path.
Not necessarily from my family (theyโ€™re totally supportive no matter what I do!) but I was putting this pressure on myself. I want her to live the best possible life because she deserves nothing less.

I created a list of how I wanted my dream life to look, what I was doing everyday, how I felt, everything.

  • Financial freedom

  • Be my own boss

  • Flexibility - set my own hours, work where I want

  • Help others

  • Health and wellness

  • Something I am passionate about

  • I have free time to spend with my family

    By realising what I wanted, and how I wanted my life to look. I could close my eyes and see it. I started manifesting this type of job into my reality.

    I found BIB by surprise.
    I connected with my teammate, Kendall in a mutual Facebook group and we instantly hit it off.
    After finding out what she does, and taking a look back at the list I had made.. I realised that BIB checked all of those boxes.

    I now get to;

  • Create my own hours

  • Decide what I want to earn in this business

  • Work with amazing women every single day from around the world

  • Help others achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves

  • I have more motivation to stay healthy

  • I have the support of health professionals at my fingertips 24/7

I am now so grateful for this opportunity and Iโ€™m excited to see the changes of the next few months.
In my own health, my coaching skills, and my personal life balance. I already feel more fulfilled and more motivated than ever to start living the life I deserve.

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